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You WILL eventually get a court date for your ticket. You are responsible to appear.

Fight Toronto Parking Tickets Easily

If you have ever tried to fight a parking ticket or traffic offence in Toronto, you know how frustrating it is.  You are required to appear in person at a busy office, often waiting in line for well over an hour. It is a waste of everyone's time.

Now, with ParkingTickets.TO, fighting tickets in Toronto is simple.  We request a court date for you, and let you avoid the line-up and paperwork. Save time, and save your nerves.

ParkingTickets.TO will make your request for a court date on your behalf! Our system is established and consistent - we have never let a customer down.

Find more details on our service page or email us with any questions.


Here are a few of the things our customers have told us:

I think you have a marvelous system in place. Find a need not being met and go after it. Congratulations! I am spreading word of your business. Thanks so much!
S.G. in Toronto

Thanks for the amazing service!
M.K. in Toronto

Thanks for the help! I hope not to get anymore tickets, but I'll definitely use your service again as well as pass it along to friends.
J.M. in Toronto

How it works:

  1) Enter your infraction # and ticket type

  2) Submit the required ticket information

  3) Securely pay $10 (parking ticket) or $20 (traffic ticket) via credit card or PayPal account

  4) Receive a confirmation # for your payment immediately from PayPal

  5) ParkingTickets.TO will submit notice of your request for a trial within 5 business days

  6) Receive an email confirming that your request was made successfully

    At this step our service concludes

  7) Receive a written notice from the courts - times will vary greatly depending on the severity of the ticket

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You WILL eventually get a court date. You are responsible to appear.
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